2014 IB results put School in UK League Table top 10

With another improvement in its annual IB results this summer, Worth School is now firmly placed in the top 10 in the UK IB League Table produced by the independent experts, Educational Advisors (bestschools.co.uk) for cohorts of up to 20 candidates. 

Worth, within such close proximity to Gatwick Airport, is one of only two schools in the top 22 of the table situated in the south east of England, and one of the few co-educational schools in the League Table.

Whilst the IB is a relatively new qualification for UK schools, Worth prides itself on having established a proven track record of expertise in delivering the IB syllabus since becoming an IB World School in 2002 and the School has now seen 328 students achieve the qualification. Stefan Steinebach, who has been at Worth for the last 12 years, has responsibility for the IB programme.

Worth has been held in increasing regard both inside and outside the UK ffor its successful IB results. The School’s status as an international provider of the IB syllabus, coupled with its ethos to bring out the best in pupils, regardless of their academic ability on arrival, makes it an obvious choice for parents seeking their child’s next school.

Stefan Steinebach, Director of IB, said: “Of course I am proud of the achievements of our IB cohort this year, but what really counts for me much more is the fact that we welcome a wide spread of ability into our community and seek to enable all our students to achieve their potential.

 “We are not an exam factory but educate the whole person. At Worth, every pupil is given the time to grow into the individual we are very proud of when they leave and find their place in the world. The fact that this year’s students all performed astonishingly well is a tribute to the expert teaching of our very experienced staff and their way of motivating the young learners to do their very best.”